How does one segregate middleware by host?

If your application is being re-used to respond to multiple host domains, how can you segregate middleware to work only in reponse to a specific host request?

As an example, perhaps you have an "admin" area of your application you only want to expose via the host name ""; how can you do this?

The host function

Stratigility provides a function, Zend\Stratigility\host() that can be used to decorate middleware in a Zend\Stratigility\Middleware\HostMiddlewareDecorator instance. These expect the string name of a host, and the middleware that should only trigger when that host is matched in the request.

As a simple example:

// in config/pipeline.php:
use function Zend\Stratigility\host;

$app->pipe(host('', $adminMiddleware));

However, you'll note that the above uses an already instantiated middleware instance; how can you lazy-load a named service instead?

Lazy-loading host-segregated middleware

The config/pipeline.php file defines and returns a callable that accepts three arguments:

We can use the second of these to help us. We will use the lazy() method to specify a middleware service name to lazy-load:

$app->pipe(host('', $factory->lazy(AdminMiddleware::class)));

What about specifying a pipeline of middleware? For that, we can use the pipeline() method of the factory:

$app->pipe(host('', $factory->pipeline(

Alternately, either of the above examples could use the prepare() method:

// lazy example:
$app->pipe(host('', $factory->prepare(AdminMiddleware::class)));

// pipeline example:
$app->pipe(host('', $factory->prepare([

For more information on the MiddlewareFactory, read its documentation.